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I already have a webshop, should I still sign up for

Shipsbeans is initially focused on helping businesses without an online shop. It is a freestanding retail web shop designed to give businesses without a shop an online presence they can promote via their own channels.

If you need an additional retail web shop that stands free of your existing solution, you can of course have a shipsbeans shop. Please note, we give priority to businesses without an online solution during the initial setups due to demand.

If you already have a web shop and are looking for a way to connect with customers and increase visibility, you can add your listing to our GetCoffee directory.

I’m not a Cropster customer yet. Can I get a shop?

Yes, you can! We want to help anyone in our industry during these challenging times. Head over to our sign-up page, and click ‘I’m not a Cropster customer’. Please note that we give priority to customers in the set-up process.

Can I use shipbeans to sell more than coffee?

Yes. You can add any products from your inventory to If you’re selling filters, brewing equipment, grinders, cold brew or even gift cards or magazines, you can add them to your shop.

Is shipsbeans really free?

Yes, it really is! We will provide for free for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic as determined by WHO. Our goal is to help you reach your retail customers via this important sales channel immediately.

How long will the shop setup take?

Right now we estimate a time of 2-3 working days to get your shop to you.

Is shipsbeans available in languages other than English?

Beside English, is currently available in German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Like Cropster, we will make it available in more languages based on demand. When it’s available in other languages we’ll let you know.

What happens after the pandemic is over?

We will evaluate the situation. Shipsbeans is a temporary solution for a temporary problem. The longer term scope of shipsbeans and its future development will be continuously reviewed during the pandemic and we will keep you posted. We’ve got your back means, we will help you get your coffees online NOW. You will not get a surprise bill or surprise closure of the site.

How did you build this so quickly?

We released Cropster Hub, an online shop for green coffee businesses, over three years ago. As a result we know a bit about online shops and we have a proven track record. With the release of our Order to roast tools we’ve learned a lot about online shops for roasted coffees as well. COVID-19’s impact on our customers made it clear this needed to be a priority. So we focused on it immediately.

I still need more help.

Have a look at our manuals which will help you get set up with your online B2C shop in no time!

Feel free to reach out to us with further questions or concerns, using this contact form.

I already have a webshop, can I still use GetCoffee directory?

Absolutely! We created GetCoffee as an addition to Any coffee roastery or retail business can register and list their location(s) to reach customers.

How much does it cost? Is it really free?

Yes, it’s absolutely free. We want to help where we can to support specialty coffee businesses through this challenging time. Adding and managing your listings will remain a free service for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will assess the future of GetCoffee, and will keep you posted. You will not get a surprise bill or closure of the site.

How do I create a listing?

Simply click here to register and start creating your listing from the Add Listing tab. Add your basic company and contact information, add your business hours, select your current level of service in the Category Section, and add any additional links to your web shop or fundraiser in the Additional Info Section. For more information on how to use the form, please click here.

I can’t find my listing. My listing isn’t saved.

When you create a listing, it will not show up publicly until we approve it. This usually takes under 24 hours.
Your listing is saved and you can see and edit it at any time under the ‘My listings’ tab.

I can’t find my listing on the map.

When you create a listing, it will not show up publicly until we approve it. This usually takes under 24 hours.
For your listing to appear correctly on the map, you need to enter a Full Address. Additionally, remember to select or add a city to make sure it appears if someone does a location-based search.

How can I update my listing?

You can see and edit your listing at any time from the ‘My listings’ tab. It’s important to update service levels and opening hours as things change, to keep your customers informed!

My pictures only show the top part.

The gallery section uses a slider presentation on top of the page, with max. height of 500px. We recommend adding a few wide images for the best results.

My logo doesn’t show completely.

The logo area is a square section. We recommend that you crop your image to a square size before uploading for the best results.

I still need more help.

Check out our GetCoffee manual. It will help you get your cafe or roastery listing up on GetCoffee in no time!

Feel free to reach out to us with further questions or concerns, using this contact form.


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